Establishing Foundations: Rebranding a Construction Company Built on Legacy



Establishing Foundations: Rebranding a Construction Company Built on Legacy



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As Avatti Industries neared its three-decade milestone in the construction industry, there was a growing inclination to rejuvenate its brand image. The company’s emblem held a deep emotional significance, having been crafted by its founder, a visionary architect, back in 1994.

Over time, the company experienced significant growth and observed shifts in its client base. Recognizing this evolution, the founder’s daughters, now at the helm, felt the pressing need for a rebranding. They aimed for an identity that aligned not just with current design trends but also with the corporate visuals of their construction service clientele. Their focus centred on fostering trust, accountability, responsibility, and a refreshed image.


With the company’s founder no longer with us, her three architect daughters stepped up to steer the legacy she left behind. The decision to embark on a rebranding journey became especially emotional, knowing they couldn’t seek their mother’s blessing.

Despite their eagerness for substantial change, they felt the gravity of the task at hand. When a project carries such heartfelt sentiments, crafting a fresh creative direction becomes a challenging task for everyone involved.


Following three decades characterised by operational focus rather than branding or marketing initiatives, Avatti’s evolution and adaptability underscored the critical need for a strategic brand positioning. Comprehensive research, client engagement workshops, and in-depth audience analysis were paramount. This involved gaining a deep understanding of the key stakeholders within major corporations they served, including their risk management needs, overall goals, and alignment with their mission and vision.

Concept & Implementation

After extensive discussions, briefings, and research, several pivotal themes emerged for Avatti’s revised identity: a strong focus on using advanced technologies for efficiency, a commitment to employer branding to attract top-notch talent, and a modern aesthetic reflecting their 30-year history.
We effectively grasped these goals, crafting a visual identity that embodies modernity, technological sophistication, authenticity, and memorability. At the core of it lies a trio of triangles incorporated within the logo, representing ongoing advancement and resilience. Moreover, these geometric elements subtly honour the three daughters guiding the company, upholding their mother’s legacy with dedication and grace.


The new identity empowered Avatti’s CEO, Anda Anania, supporting her in client discussions and tenders, leading to substantial growth and nearly doubling turnover in the past year. Positive feedback from clients highlighted the impact of the modern, bold, and courageous visual identity on their perception of the company.