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Bradu Neagu & Associates

The objective

We re-designed the overall identity for Bradu Neagu & Associates legal house, which has top local practices in Romania. The client’s mission is to become indispensable in the development of successful contracts. Through expertise, science and maturity, Bradu Neagu and Associates aims to turn any collaboration into an example of legal art.

The logo transmits the founders’ professional elegance and knowledge. It includes two reinterpreted Roman columns, which support a weight in a very stable way, forming a well-known symbol for safety, protection and trust, the shield. The typography solution is a perfectly balanced one, combining the modern with the classic through a hybrid: half serif half sans. Elegance is reinforced by the letters small caps, a nobility that shows refinement and history. From a technical point of view, the identity is simple but different and differentiating, being able to be used for any kind of printing, cutting, embossing method.

Starting from the visual identity, we made all the brand derivations specific to a law firm: stationary (folders, envelopes, letterheads, business cards), elegant planners, pens, notebooks, volumetric letters for the wall, totem.


Rebranding, Graphic design, Website

bradu neagu branding
business cards
bradu neagu logo
bradu neagu logo
bradu neagu logo
bradu neagu logo

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