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The objective

One of the most difficult subjects to work on is gastronomy, restaurants, catering. Both content-wise and web development-wise. Why? Because my colleagues complain about too many goodies. We are a lustful nationality, that’s the truth!

When it comes to a presentation website for a restaurant, things are relatively simple: a photo is worth 1000 words. Having said that, we mobilized our team and started taking pictures. After 4-5 photo sessions, we managed to collect a beautiful gallery of atmospheric photos, product photos, team and back-of-house photos, all ready to be uploaded both on the website and on social media. Considering that we also manage the digital channels, the joy tripled.

In addition to tone of voice, logo design, valuable content and a communication strategy, in HORECA we mainly focus on the quality of visual materials. Everything must be perfectly framed in context, authentic, juicy and respect a photographic brief well established.

Bon appétit!

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