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The objective

Rebranding for Casa Vranceana, a restaurant, bar, pizzeria and delivery located in Focsani. After 16 years in which the business focused on development, it reached the point where a new image was necessary. We designed the identity for Casa Vranceana and collateral materials such as packaging design and menus. In the near future the brand personality will embody the location, the work uniforms, the napkins and so on.

The brand concept is authentic, illustrious, trustworthy. It is linked to an ethnographic reality, a history deeply inscribed in the consciousness of the nation’s past.

The Country of Vrancea draws attention due to the ancient traditions of civilization and popular culture. Here the rural population continues to wear the specific traditional costume for special occasions. The distinguished patterns found on these outfits are also present in wood engraving, in leather embroidery, in stitching, in painting masks, etc. These motifs inspired the logo and the visual language. The overall design is in accordance with the brand promise, which is to continue to respect the fundamental values: hospitality, validity, community and loyalty.


Brand Identity, Graphic design, Brand Strategy

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