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The objective

In branding, you meet a fairly wide range of activities, which makes our work very interesting. Our first impact with maxillofacial surgery was unanticipated. We considered this area of expertise much lighter than it is. Besides the fact that it requires a long professional training of the surgeon, it is a brutal, complex and very demanding section. Dr Shveys Clinic is a leading provider of medical services through the contribution of a team of highly experienced physicians, state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment techniques and investments in medical technology that allow them to take the most complicated cases.

Branding wise the research part was not the easiest, but the desire to do things perfectly pushed us forward. How do you include in a logo design proficiency, exigency, solemnity, firmness but at the same time empathy and deep understanding? The brand strategy was our groundwork. And then the structure developed smoothly with the tone of voice, tagline, graphic direction.

The symbol of Dr Shveys’ clinic has subtle and less subtle meanings. It can be a tooth, a heart or a surgeon’s set of scalpels. The modern font that accompanies the symbol balances and supports the brand values. The colours reinforce the royal personality of the brand, highlight its lush attributes and align the identity with the interior design. The graphic language, the iconography but also the stationery, the totems and the marketing materials developed admirably afterwords.


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