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Hug Dealer Amsterdam

The objective

In a busy and technology disrupted world, Anda – an alternative therapy practitioner in Amsterdam – found a way to natural reviving and healing. We were happy to be the creative chapter in her story, as we designed the visual identity and developed the stationery graphic design and website design.

Hug Dealer Amsterdam broke conventions, so we decided to be explorers too. The starting point was drawing the first illustration for the website. The client wanted to have a friendly and gentle approach, to be able to easily reach the target audience, taking into account spirituality, closeness, openness. Considering this, the buildings on the Dutch canals stacked together served as our creative muse. We imagined they had some unseen hands behind their backs as if holding each other in their arms. Hugging. After launching the website, we helped with social marketing too.


Brand Identity, Graphic design, Digital marketing, Social media strategy, Copywriting, Web design

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