Refining Authenticity: A Branding Journey for an Iconic Italian Fashion Label


Refining Authenticity: A Branding Journey for an Iconic Italian Fashion Label



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Founded in 1994, Meltin(Pot), an iconic made-in-Italy brand, finds inspiration in ’60s continental denim traditions. Despite a bankruptcy setback in 2019, Eligo – a Milanese marketplace – acquired the brand. Their vision was to honour the old Meltin(Pot) by maintaining its commitment to unique hand-washing processes, high-quality materials, and a global sense of authenticity and comfort in its collections.


Our primary challenge involved repositioning the brand in the market, transitioning from a mass-market identity to a blend of accessibility and high-end luxury. This shift required crafting a fresh, modern image while leveraging the brand’s nostalgic recognition from the 1990s to elevate its prestige.

Other challenges included managing manufacturing changes to maintain product authenticity and quality amidst outsourcing, adapting the product strategy towards exclusive capsule collections and designer collaborations for a niche audience, transitioning sales channels from physical stores to an exclusive online model, and overcoming negative perceptions stemming from past financial struggles to rebuild consumer trust.


Our analysis positions the Meltin(Pot) brand in the luxury goods market with a keen focus on the influential Gen Y and Gen Z consumers. As these demographics are projected to represent 75% of global personal luxury goods sales by 2026, aligning with their evolving tastes is not just a strategic choice, it’s a necessity for success. Meltin(Pot) people can bring order to chaos through beauty and functionality. They have a profound need for freedom and have their blueprint enmeshed in their field of work and personal life. The profile centres on self-expression, exploration, liberation, authenticity and independence.


The brand took centre stage with the exciting unveiling of its inaugural capsule collection in June 2023, setting the tone for its refreshed identity. The distinctive use of ( ) has evolved beyond mere symbolism, becoming a definitive brand identifier across all channels. Meltin(Pot)’s rebranding journey is an ongoing narrative, and we eagerly anticipate witnessing its evolution into the envisioned expression of the brand’s essence.


Iustin Șurpănelu – videography concept, production & editing