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The objective

Founded in 1994, Meltin(Pot), an iconic made-in-Italy brand, finds inspiration in ’60s continental denim traditions. The objective is to restore Meltin(Pot) to its former glory by maintaining its commitment to unique hand-washing processes, high-quality materials, and a global sense of authenticity and comfort in its collections.

The rebirth of the brand stemmed from the core concept of unity. The brand’s foremost principle is to fuse the creativity and imagination of what could potentially exist in a space where everyone, regardless of their diversity, can nurture their desires, curiosities, and passions and bring them together in one place. This is where the idea came from. The visual identity serves as a representation of this inclusive sanctuary, where everyone feels a sense of belonging and acceptance. The parentheses embrace Meltin(Pot) squad. The most impactful messages in the world reside within these parentheses. 

The typeface we customised strikes an equilibrium between restraint and creative freedom, embodying sophistication and modern design. Its adaptability guarantees a consistent and well-suited portrayal of the Meltin(Pot) brand across various contexts. Enclosed within every creative concept embraced by the (parentheses), this symbol strives to be instantly recognisable in time when used independently. Subsequent to compelling communication, it will evolve into an iconic representation, immediately associated with its brand.


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