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The objective

Identity for Pacific, a young and ambitious CBD company. The idea of the brand was to make cannabis extracts more accessible, easier for the public to reach.

In a world where we care about quality of life, we go back to the roots and emphasize the meaning of everything we do in a more than contemporary design. A solid name in an ocean full of possibilities, a simple identity that has grown from nature, a product that breathes health. More likely it is one of the most detailed projects of ours, so far. We forged it calmly, steadily. Meticulously.

The product has the perceived ability to spot the affected area of the human body and psyche by itself, and to heal it. The visual identity is based on natural elements, which have the most beautiful proportions.

The packaging is printed in different colors, traits of each CBD concentration and aroma.


Brand Identity, Naming, Graphic design, Brand Strategy, Website construction, Copywriting

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Pacific CBD 062
Pacific CBD 11
Pacific CBD 10
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