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The objective

The visual identity for Skinomed felt like a dance of delicacy and femininity. The brand-new company is a beauty parlor focused on body remodeling for women, beauty treatments and procedures.

Based in a rather small town, the salon is completely lacking competition locally, so we were able to impose a premium standard for this niche.

Gleefully, the creative brief and the client meetings were coherent and clear, which gave us the tools we needed to start the creative part. Color wise, we aligned the green with the interior design, enclosing subtle messages like renewal, growth and abundance.

The logo is composed of a stylish, elegant font, a unique serif specially adapted for modern communication. This new font family revisits the neoclassical style of highly contrasted serifs and brings a resolutely contemporary touch to graphic projects. Considering that cosmetics will be sold in the salon, the branded bags are important, so we took the branding further, outlining more derivations.

The business cards and brochures were also on our to-do list and asked us for creativity and openness to refinement. For the inauguration party we printed invitations and prepared personalized gifts for the guests. All the graphic materials have a special touch of grace of the new brand, which is, in the end, dedicated to good looks, splendor, professionalism and care.


Brand Identity, Graphic design, Brand Strategy

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